Good Things Come to Sellers Who Set an Attractive Price

Good Things Come to Sellers Who Set an Attractive Price

Let’s talk about pricing! Recently, We’ve seen some property listings that are how to put this nicely overpriced.
Even though we’re in a seller’s market, some homes are priced way too high and are trying to take advantage of the market. Unfortunately, buyers are getting frustrated and starting to reconsider buying. Which means you may lose out on buyers.
This is not a good strategy. Instead of getting those big profits, a seller with an overpriced listing is likely to:
  1. Experience fewer interested buyers, which means less buyer competition, & leads to less bargaining power for the seller.

  2. Attract buyers who want to negotiate hard. You can lose out on ROI, or get your needs met like rent back or choice of the closing date.
Instead, if you price your home on par with the market and in a way that will attract buyers, you’ll likely have more buyers than you know what to do with. It's not about bidding wars, it's about getting a stack of offers to choose from that will best fit your needs as a seller.
Our team are experts at pricing homes to be competitive and our sellers net an average of 104.2% over list price. On a home listed at $600,000, that is an additional $25,200 added to the sales price!
Are you interested in buying a home? Look no further than working with One Residential.

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