Top Things to Do when Moving

Top Things to Do when Moving

Moving can make even the coolest among us break out in a panic. But you can avoid it! Here are a few things to set you up for success:
  1. Don’t get stuck with a bad mover because you didn’t do your research. Read the reviews and get multiple quotes.

  2. Create an inventory list so you know what items you have, taking a very detailed video of all your belongings (open closets, doors, drawers, etc.) can also help in case of theft or loss. P.S. Do this yearly for insurance purposes too!
  3. Pack a bag with all of your necessities for a night or two and keep it in a safe area like your car, so movers can't pack it! If you are doing a local move, ask the moves not to take the parts box with them, and hand carry it to your new house so you can quickly access all the needed parts.

  4. Don’t forget to update your new address for utility mail forwarding and car registration. Taking care of this before you move in will save you several headaches.
With a little bit of preparation, you can make moving a smooth experience so you can jump right into enjoying your new house.

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