Living room with various furniture with cream-color décor, a stone fireplace, a dark wooden mantelpiece, and large windows.

5 Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to A Rental Property

Buying a rental property is SUCH a smart investment strategy. But you can make your investment even better by boosting the value of the space so you can rent it out for more. Here are 5 easy ways to add value that are easy on the budget:
  1. Repaint in a nice neutral. A fresh coat of paint makes any property feel newer, and a neutral will match any tenant’s decor.

  2. Add more storage. Built-ins, bookcases, and closet storage solutions are always highly sought after. The more places to store belongings, the better when it comes to renters.

  3. Add privacy with curtains, blinds, and fencing. No one wants to feel the world looking in on them in their own home. Adding privacy features doesn’t cost a lot and it will make renters like the property a lot more.

  4. Create a nice outdoor space. Having a space outside to decompress after a long day is such a nice feature in any property. And since many people are working from home now, a put-together outdoor space is an even hotter commodity.

  5. Hire professional cleaners. Renters can tell if a place has been deep cleaned or not. And when you get the space professionally cleaned, you show the renter that you care about them and the property. As a result, they’ll be more likely to keep the space clean too.
With just a few updates and additions, you can seriously boost the value of your rental and find (and keep!) great tenants who will take care of the property.
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